Before and After:

Wire-2-Wire has been responsible for some amazing turnaround by horses in racing and various other disciplines. Below are some of our success stories, documented by those closest to the horses, those who made the commitment to Wire-2-Wire and are now reaping its benefits.

December 2015: Australian thoroughbred Pure Revenge lived up to his name with Wire-2-Wire! A 4 year old underperforming gelding came back from a 14 length lead to win on the last stride.  Power to finish!

"We first tried W2W on Pure Revenge, A 4 yr old gelding that had placed no better then seventh in five starts. He returned from a spell in extremely disappointing condition which sent us in search of a treatment that may give him a future. Half way through a three month preparation it was obvious his condition and health were on an upward spiral. At his first start he came from the tail of the field to finish second. Next start in a rich QTIS race he provided we owners with the thrill of the season, coming from fourteen lengths off the leader to run him down on the last stride and in amazing time.
I cant claim to know the scientific reason for the extraordinary turn around but it there to witness for all to see, simply brilliant!"
- Robbie Zuttion, Owner/Retired Trainer


The unraced filly in training, Temperature Rising, was acquired by a group of partners and immediately put on the Wire-2-Wire regimen, and has since gained condition and muscle, and is ..... race. This filly was started with three other young horses, and all of those are currently at a laid farm because of the usual injuries and ailments which afflict young horses. However, Temperature Rising remains in training and has incurred no injury related vet bills.

How many breakdowns and injuries might be avoided if all had been on Wire-2-Wire ?

How much downtime could be avoided for the owners of injured horses?

Owners and trainers make money by getting their horses to the starting gate, and Pinhookers only achieve their financial objectives by selling two-year-old horses in training that are sound enough to achieve the best pre sale breeze time. So, by including Wire-2-Wire in your training regimen we have proven all stakeholders objectives can be met.

The owners of Temperature Rising believe that Wire-2-Wire offers a new approach to training which will keep their horses sound and healthy, thus allow them the best chance of making money , and garnering winners' circle photos for all of those who participate in their syndication.

"This is an illustration of a bold decision by owners, in an attempt to change the usual training regimen through the use of Wire-2-Wire. The filly is training forwardly, and we are thrilled with her progress, and looking forward to a start and a win."

- Temperature Rising Partners

temprisingbefore  temprisingafter


Tate’s difficulties with learning and focus have disappeared since he has been on Wire-2-Wire. As his owner says, “he is …a changed pony.”

"I just wanted to update you on Tate! He has been improving so much. He is actually getting clean lead changes during our courses. I really am figuring out that he is becoming a changed pony since he's been on Wire-2-Wire In early November we went to a local schooling show her in Memphis. He did not need as much schooling as usual and he seemed to be a lot more focused on my aids then all the scary things around him. He seemed like a happy pony actually willing to do his job for once. We ended up Champion in the 2.3 ft division out of 14 pairs. It was a great show...."

"...Two weeks ago we went to a "AA" rated horse show in St. Louis. This was both our first time in the real pony division. Usually when we leave home, he gets spooky and loses focus. I noticed a huge difference! The whole 6 days he was there he only stopped at one jump. This is very good considering he often refuses a couple times a show. I really thought he was going to be scared of the shadows and echoes in the indoor ring. He only lost focus one or two times in the schooling ring, then we went in to show and his focus was on the course. I am so pleased with the difference. He went into the two days of showing with a great attitude. We ended up getting a 2nd and 3rd out of 7 fancy ponies. My trainer and I have also noticed he does not get as tired in lessons or hacks. He is starting to have his own motor without me kicking him along. Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity of using Wire-2-Wire!..."

- Mary Grayson Fauser

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Difficulty with keeping weight and conditioning, plus anhydrosis, made Becky future bleak. Now she sweats normally, keeps weight on, and performs to the top of her ability. And Hecho, whose ability was never in question, demonstrates a level of health never before seen by his owner.

“A big shout out for one of the most amazing horses I have the honor to know... she never gave up and is a real trooper. I cannot believe Becky has gone from being starved and practically unable to walk to working on second level stuff and learning flying changes in 18 months, while battling her non-sweating last summer. She started sweating again thanks to Wire-2-Wire, a supplement by our sponsor Animal Elements LLC…”

“…Becky continues to sweat even through the weather changes we are having here, some days down into the 40s the next day up to 70s or 80s, these temperature changes can be challenging on their system I think and she's doing great. Hecho is doing equally well and muscling up better and has a lot of stamina. Here are some new pictures. Becky's muscling is developing really nicely now and she is getting much stronger…”

“… I just wanted to take a moment and thank you again for sending the next batch of Wire-2-Wire - Becky and Hecho are doing so well on it. While Becky of course is so evident, Hecho is feeling great and looking fantastic, too…”

“… I just rode both of them in a clinic and got many compliment on their looks and ability to move and focus on training. When I show people pictures of Becky before and after, people can hardly believe it…”

“… Becky is sweating really well now that it has gotten hot again, I'm pretty sure she will make it this summer thanks to w-2-w... I can't wait to write more about my wonderful experience with Wire-2-Wire…”

- Dr. Angelika Gruber, Little Hampton Farm, Ocala, FL

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Top Torero's recovery from injury documents Wire-2-Wire's ability to restore even a very ill horse to racetrack-ready health—he won his first race back after utilizing Wire-2-Wire.

"Thanks for celebrating with us and thank you most definitely for the product that helped him get back to the winners' circle. Many horses come back, but few win after an 8 month layoff. I'm convinced Wire2Wire helped his healing."

"Top Torero was a thoroughbred that sustained a major injury, to the point that a veterinarian recommended eu thanasia. The owners elected to pursue treatment, and also decided to put Top Torero on Wire-2-Wire. After three months on Wire-2-Wire, the horse returned to the track for his first race, and won...."

"After being injured in July, 2013, Top Torero's infection became so severe that we had to consider putting him down. But we made a commitment to him, and in November of that year, we started giving him Wire-2-Wire, which he took for about three months when he returned to training. His first start was February 9, 2014, at Los Alamitos, and he won. Wire-2-Wire was instrumental in this comeback."

- Steve and Charisse Wolf, Owners

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